Happy Holidays to all of our martial arts family!  We are happy to share the official photographs from the 2017 Gathering of Eagles on our photographer's website.  From the site you will be able to view & purchase photos from the event!

Here's Your Chance To Take Your Martial Arts To The Next Level. Train with the Masters: August 11-13, 2017 in Dallas, Texas, held at the Sheraton Hotel Dallas


  • Early Registration at $235 runs through March 15th, 2017,
  • Mid Registration at $255 runs March 16th through July 14th, 2017
  • Late Registration at $275 runs July 15th through August 13th, 2017
  • All reserved rooms in our room block are $109/night and go back into the general pool on July 21st at the current rate ($249+/night)
  • The deadline for a meal at the banquet is Monday August 7th, 2017. If you register at the door, you pay full price but won't have a meal at the awards banquet, sorry, but this is the hotel's cut-off. There are absolutely NO walk-ins for the dinner.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for this event.  Monies will be credited towards the 2019 Gathering of Eagles if you are not able to attend this year.

Since 1999, The Gathering of Eagles (GOE) and Kenpo International Hall of Fame (IHOF) has been the largest and longest running event of its kind for Kenpo and Kenpo based martial arts systems.  We are again expecting over 500 attendees this year and over 50 gifted instructors for the three days of seminars, workshops and events conducted by the Hall of Fame members, new inductees and special guests!

In addition, there will be martial arts demonstrations, book signings, breaking demonstrations, instruction and shows in Polynesian Hula dancing and Hakka, certification classes, business workshops and even tattooing by a world famous Polynesian artist and cultural expert from Hawaii.

To top off the weekend's events we have the Kenpo International Hall of Fame!  This banquet dinner event includes awards for the newly inducted members of the KIHOF, recognition awards for our existing members, Hula and Haka demonstrations, and an exciting Combat Ki demonstration where we raffle off a chance to deliver a full power strike to the body of "The Human Shield".  Attire for the banquette is formal Luau - This means for the men, a luau shirt, slacks and shoes (no flip flops) and for the ladies a floral luau dress.  For example: Shaka Time and of course Tommy Bahama!

This will be an event like no other!  You can even come in a day or two early and do the "Big D" Adventure day with us on Thursday!  Fly into DFW on Wednesday the 9th and take the "Orange Line train" down to the Sheraton, it's "door to door".  This event brings together the industry's top instructors, pioneers, competitors, founders and celebrities for three days of education, networking and fun!

Hawaii has been a melting pot for the different cultures of the Pacific Rim for many hundreds of years.  Foods, customs, families, language and martial arts, all have been mixed together and come out stronger and better!  This years theme is the Hawaiian influence on the martial arts through custom, martial culture, dress and fashion!  We will have special guest instructors that represent this Hawaiian influence including: Professor Aiau Koa from Maui, who will be sharing the Ai Pilau style of Kenpo from Brother Abe Kamahoahoa of Hawaii and also teaching Hakka! Kumu Michelle Manu who will be sharing the family style of Lua from Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu, including both empty hands and weapons! Grand Master George Lim will be representing Hawaii Kenpo with his wife GM Patrice Lim.  In addition, Keolas Hula Halau will be demonstrating and teaching Hula on several occasions, and world famous tattoo artist, Tricia Allen, PhD (c) will be teaching a class on Polynesian culture and doing 4 days of custom Polynesian tattooing!

Started in 1999 by Great Grand Master Al Tracy, The Gathering of Eagles (GOE) continues to be a unique event in the Kenpo martial arts world.  The first Gathering held in Las Vegas, brought together almost all of the greatest Kenpo and Kenpo based masters from around the world.  It was literally a "Who's Who" in Kenpo and its related systems!  Since then, Grand Master Tracy has held the event every two years, with this year's event being hosted by Professor Nick Chamberlain and held in Dallas, Texas.


  • Kosho Ryu Kenpo
  • Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu
  • Kajukenbo
  • Ed Parker's American Kenpo
  • Tracy's Kenpo
  • Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu
  • Nick Cerio's Kenpo
  • Wun Hop Kuen Do
  • Shaolin Kempo Karate
  • Kara Ho Kenpo
  • Lima Lama
  • CHA-3 Kenpo
  • Shaolin Kenpo
  • Hawaiian Kenpo
  • Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo
  • Chinese Kenpo
  • Chow-Hoon Goshin Jutsu
  • Iron Dragon Shorei Ryu Kenpo
  • Gasan Ryu Kenpo
  • Hawaiian Lua
  • Ai Pilau Kenpo
  • Tum Pai
  • Kakenbo
  • Shootfighting
  • San Pai Kenpo
  • TAI Kenpo
  • Goshin Jutsu Kai Kenpo
  • BKF Kenpo
  • Kenpo 5.0
  • Hawaiian Kempo
  • Sub 4 Kenpo
  • Leedokan Kenpo
  • Filkenjutsu
  • Oki Ryu Kenpo
  • American Kenpo
  • Kenpo Karate
  • Kyo-Sho-Kai Kenpo
  • Xtreme Kenpo

Great Grand Master Al Tracy - Founder of the Kenpo Gathering of Eagles in 1999 and the Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2007

Great Grand Master Al Tracy - Founder of the Kenpo Gathering of Eagles in 1999 and the Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2007


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Nominate a Hall of Fame Inductee!

Nominations close on July 31st, 2017.

2017 will be the bi-annual, 10th Anniversary of the Kenpo Hall of Fame. Beginning in 2007, the KIHOF recognizes those who have made considerable contributions to the Kenpo based martial arts.  

The KIHOF is an all-inclusive organization that seeks to recognize all those who are instrumental in the success and continuation of our styles of Kenpo based martial arts!

Kenpo's Historic Gathering of Eagles!  Don't miss it!

Kenpo Gathering of Eagles 2017
Kenpo International Hall of Fame

Future Dates for the GOE and KIHOF
2019   August 16th-18th
2021   August 20th-22nd


Ichi-Go,  Ichi-E
"One Meeting, One Opportunity!"

Ichi-go,  Ichi-e ("one time, one meeting") is a Japanese idiom that describes the cultural concept of treasuring meetings with people. The term is often translated as "for this time only," "never again," or "one chance in a lifetime." The term reminds people to cherish any gathering that they may take part in, citing the fact that many meetings in life are not repeated. Even when the same group of people can get together again, a particular gathering will never be replicated and thus, each moment is always once-in-a-lifetime.

The Gathering of Eagles presents just such an opportunity!  To meet and rub shoulders with the leaders of the Kenpo based martial arts community. These are the masters and grand masters that are responsible for the future of our martial arts, spend your time wisely, grasshopper!