Diamond Eagle GOE Sponsor

  1. Company name aligned with Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense Gathering of Eagles/International Hall of Fame (GOE/IHOF) event title wherever displayed in print or online. Includes large lead banner at the forefront of Gathering of Eagles (GOE/IHOF) event reception and within main presentation/workshop room throughout duration of 3-day event. 
  2. One International Hall of Fame (IHOF) dinner table for 10 guests.
  3. Verbal introduction and five minute opportunity to speak at the International Hall of Fame dinner with audience of 500+ including the top 50 world Grandmaster and Master instructors. 
  4. Exclusive company ‘slide’ within GOE/IHOF video playing throughout IHOF dinner and 3-day event.
  5. Company logo placement on more than 800 IHOF - 2017 certificates and plaques.
  6.  Prominent (due to being in name of event) company presence on GOE/IHOF digital and print event flyers and posters to be sent to global Grandmaster & Master instructors and their 500+ associated schools. Flyers to be hung/distributed by each recipient.
  7. Company logo & 200 word company description in the 2017 printed GOE/HOF event guide.
  8. Prominent presence on GOE/IHOF 2017 event T-shirt + 4 complimentary T-shirt.
  9. Prominent presence in potential GOE print/digital media partner event advertising campaign.
  10. Prominent presence in paid Facebook advertising campaign.
  11. Company presence in all GOE/IHOF social media mentions leading up to the event. Social media campaign to average 1 to 2 posts per week for 6 months leading up to the GOE/IHOF event.
  12. Company logo with link on Chamberlain Studios’ designated GOE/IHOF website’s main event page, also on the official GOE/IHOF website home page and logo and 200 word company description on the GOE/IHOF website ‘sponsor page’.
  13. Company logo on GOE/IHOF red carpet ‘step & repeat’ background banner for individual and group guest photos. Photos to be submitted to all applicable media for publishing and on Chamberlain-GOE/IHOF platforms following event and shared with the 50 invited/attending Grandmaster and Master instructors and others martial arts professionals.
  14. Opportunity to produce a one hour (maximum) GOE event workshop/presentation in main event room.
  15. First right of refusal to provide company branded “Swag Bag” for 500+ attending guests. Sponsor to provide bags, tote, duffle or backpack, etc. 

Also Includes All Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Level Sponsor Benefits:

  1. Company signage on IHOF dinner tables attended by 500+ esteemed martial arts professionals and enthusiasts. 
  2. Opportunity to insert one swag bag donation per bag (product preferred).
  3. 6 foot vendor table/exhibit space at forefront of event for 3-day GOE/IHOF event.
  4. Company mention on pre-and post-event press releases produced by Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense PR professional.
  5. Company logo and/or name with live link in 6 month bi-monthly (minimum) pre- and post– GOE/IHOF promotional emails.
  6. Invitation to the Thursday, August 10th “Big-D Adventure Day”. Planned and facilitated by Professor Chamberlain and his team; excursion includes a Tex-Mex breakfast, a visit to Dealey Plaza and a tour of the 6th Floor Museum, a BBQ lunch, western wear shopping and an evening of dancing at a country and western bar (meals are complimentary).

For sales, contact Wes Davis at: WesDavis65@gmail.com