Gold Eagle GOE Sponsor Benefits:

  1. Two guest seats at the International Hall of Fame (IHOF) dinner.
  2. Inclusion of company within the GOE/IHOF video playing throughout IHOF dinner and throughout 3-day event.
  3. Verbal highlight of company, with brief company description at the IHOF dinner to an audience of 500+ including the top 50 world Grandmaster and Master Instructors.
  4. Third right of refusal to provide company branded “Swag Bag” for 500+ attending guests. Sponsor to provide bags, tote, duffle or backpack, etc.
  5. Company logo & 50 word company description in the 2017 printed GOE/IHOF event guide.
  6. Minimum 3 company mentions and/or logo inclusion in the GOE social media campaign leading up to the event. Social media campaign to average 1 to 2 posts per week for 6 months leading up to the GOE event.
  7. Company name and/or logo with link on the GOE/IHOF website with 50 word description on the GOE/IHOF website ‘sponsor page’.
  8. Opportunity to produce a 30 minute (maximum) GOE workshop/presentation in main event room.

Also Includes All Bronze & Silver Level Sponsor Benefits:

  1. Company logo on GOE/IHOF digital and print event flyers and posters to be sent to global Grandmaster & Master instructors and their 500+ associated schools. Flyers to be hung/distributed by aforementioned recipients.
  2. 6 foot vendor table/exhibit space at forefront of event for 3-day GOE/IHOF event.
  3. Opportunity to insert one swag bag donation (product preferred).
  4. Logo placement on GOE/IHOF 2017 event T-shirt.
  5. Company logo and link in select pre- and post- event promotional emails sent to targeted   martial arts audience.
  6. Invitation to the Thursday, August 10th “Big-D Adventure Day”. Planned and facilitated by Professor Chamberlain and his team; excursion includes a Tex-Mex breakfast, a visit to Dealey Plaza and a tour of the 6th Floor Museum, a BBQ lunch, western wear shopping and an evening of dancing at a country and western bar (meals are complimentary, all other activities additional).

For sales, contact Wes Davis at: