GM Greg Mattson - Tracy Kenpo

GM Greg Mattson - Tracy Kenpo

GM Greg Mattson

GM Greg Mattson, Judan, 10th Degree Black Belt
Instructor:  Great Grand Master Al Tracy

Greg started in the martial arts in 1969 and managed Tracy studios in the early 1970’s in the Chicagoland area.  He is still teaching the Tracy’s Certified System of Kenpo Karate at Self Defense Studios in Chicagoland.

GM Greg Mattson and GM Becky Mornar ran the Gathering of Eagles successfully since its inception in 1999 and they are instrumental in the success of the 2017 GOE!

Some of the many awards and acknowledgements he has incurred in the martial arts follow:
Member of the International Kenpo Yudanshakai
Tournament competitor approximately 1972 through 1982
Midwest Circuit Outstanding Black Belt Award 1982
Midwest Circuit Outstanding Instructor Award 1982
Certificate of Achievement Instructor of the Year by the Martial Arts Systems 1982
Cobra Kai Shaolin Boxing Certificate Shaolin Boxing Championships 1983
Midwest Circuit Outstanding Instructor Award 1983
Professional Karate Commission Kickboxing referee 1993
Midwest Circuit Outstanding Official Award 1994/95/96
Midwest Circuit Tournament Co-Promoter 1994 through 2000
United States Kuoshu Federation Certified National Referee 1995 through 1998
Martial Arts Academy Award 1997
Co-Sponsored two of the most attended tournaments in Chicagoland, The Kenpo Open  1998 and 2000
Martial Arts Karate Association Martial Artist of the Year 1998
Martial Arts Karate Association Hall of Fame 1998
International Federation of Pankration Athlima Hall of Fame 1999
Recognized and listed as Master at The Gathering of Eagles I & II in Las Vegas, Nevada 1999 and 2001
The Grey Eagle Lifetime Achievement Award 2000
Professional Karate Commission Tri-State Lifetime Achievement Award 2001
Outstanding Support of (Kick Terrorists Out of America) 2001
Official Certificate of Merit from the Honorable Master Council 2002
Kung Fu Academy of Chicago Outstanding Contribution to Furthering of Asia Martial Arts 2003
Appeared with Becky Mornar in Art of the Warrior Magazine, Fall Issue 2004
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame 2004
The James Jones Award for Martial Excellence and Achievement 2004
Tracy International Studios of Self Defense Master Instructor Certificate 2005
On cover with Great Grand Master Al Tracy in Art of the Warrior Magazine June Issue 2006
Professional Karate Commission Best Tournament Official Award 2006-2007
Kenpo International Hall of Fame Founding Member 2007
One of the featured guests at the Gathering of the Clans in Dublin, Ireland 2007
Therapeutic Tai Chi in-a-chair Qualified Instructor 2008
6th Annual Illinois State Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2010
Lifetime Achievement Award Yudanshakai 2011
Spirit of the Warrior Award 2013
Trained amateur kickboxers through the years for the Weekend Warrior Series in Chicago, IL
Trained martial artists for the Bangkok Brawl Series in Chicago, IL
Trained fighters for the Shidokan Series of Bare Knuckle Full Contact Fighters in Chicago area
Worked as kick/point counters for Weekend Warrior Kickboxing Series in Chicago Area
Taught Kenpo Seminars for M.A.K.A. (Martial Arts Karate Association)
Organized and ran tournaments for Midwest tournaments
Along with Becky Mornar, produced over 50 black belts, many still active!