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Instructors and VIPs at the Gathering of Eagles - 2017

We now have over 60 of the world's greatest Kenpo and Kenpo based instructors scheduled for this years historic event!  If you would like to teach/present at the 2017 Gathering of Eagles, please follow this link for more information: Guidelines/Requirements for the GOE instructors

Below is the list of instructors that have invited to teach/present at this year's event so far.  The list current instructors are posted on the GOE Schedule page.  Don't see your name?  Email and send us a reminder or follow the link above for an opportunity to teach at the greatest event of the year!

  1. GGM Al Tracy - Tracy Kenpo
  2. Professor Aiau Kauka Koa - Ai Pilau Kenpo, Haka, Hula
  3. Kumu Michelle Manu - Hawaiian Lua, Hula
  4. GM George Lim - Hawaii Kenpo, Kajukenbo
  5. GM Ted Sumner - Tracy Kenpo, Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
  6. GGM Al Dacascos - Wun Hop Kuen Do, Kajukenbo
  7. GM Roger Greene - Tracy Kenpo, Joe Lewis Fighting System
  8. GGM Frederick J. Villari - Shaolin Kempo
  9. GM Gary Forbach - Kajukenbo
  10. GM Nick Chamberlain - Gasan Ryu Kenpo, Heike Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
  11. GM Mark Tracy - Tracy Kenpo
  12. GM Peter Coyle - Parker and Tracy Kenpo from Ireland
  13. GM James Muro - Chow Hoon Goshin Jutsu
  14. GM John Sepulveda - AKTS, Ed Parker's American Kenpo
  15. GM John Hackleman - Hawaiian Kempo, The Pit
  16. GM John Patrick Nieto - Chuan Fa Kenpo
  17. GM Rick Kingi - Kajukenbo
  18. GM Ray Arquilla - Iron Dragon Kosho Ryu Kenpo
  19. GM Carlos Machado - Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, RCJ Machado
  20. GM Jefferson Davis - Tracy Kenpo, Joe Lewis Fighting System
  21. GGM Allen Steen - AKBBA
  22. GM Keith Yates - AKBBA
  23. GM William Shelton - AKBBA
  24. M Nuno Nunes - Hawaii Kenpo - Portugal
  25. GM Manuel Arcos - Kajukenbo
  26. GGM J. Pat Burleson - American Karate System
  27. GM Roy Kurban - American Tae Kwon Do
  28. GM Alii Don Nahoolewa - Kajukembo
  29. GM Gary Lee - Hawaiian Kenpo
  30. GM Jesus Chavez "El Matador" - WBC World Boxing Champion
  31. GM Eugene Sedeno - Kajukenbo, Shaolin Kenpo
  32. GM James Webb - Kodokan Judo, Heike Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
  33. GM Becky Mornar - Tracy Kenpo
  34. GM William Powell - Tracy Kenpo
  35. GM Joe Rebelo - Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, American Kenpo, TAI Kenpo
  36. GM Greg Mattson - Tracy Kenpo
  37. GM James Cox - Kajukembo (Peralta Method), MMA
  38. GM Steve Shover - Tracy Kenpo, Kung Fu San Soo, Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jutsu
  39. M Vance Murakami - Tracy Kenpo
  40. GM Jim Onorato - Tracy Kenpo
  41. GM Roy Abramowitz - Tracy Kenpo
  42. M Kiyoshi Takeuchi - Hico Ryu Tai Jutsu, Judo, BJJ, Kyokushin
  43. M Bill Parker - Kodokan Judo, Heike Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
  44. M Kamil Kuroda - Kodokan Judo, Heike Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
  45. M John DeLuca - Tracy Kenpo, Kenjutsu
  46. M John Bain - Go Hou Kan Kenpo, Pambuan Arnis, Kick Start Kids
  47. M Stuart Gavin - Kempo Jiu-Jitsu, Scottish Budo Assoc.
  48. M Joshua Ortega-Sheiner - Chuan Fa Kenpo, MMA
  49. M Mike Bush - Shaolin Kempo, Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, Gasan Ryu Kenpo
  50. M Rollend Nery - Gasan Ryu Kenpo, Nick Cerio's Kenpo
  51. M Henry Childers - Tracy Kenpo
  52. M Dan Nolan - Okinawan Kempo, Combat Ki
  53. GM Kirby Roy - Okinawan Kempo, Combat Ki
  54. M Armando Salas - Shootfighting, Tracy Kenpo
  55. M Dave Hopper - Tracy Kenpo
  56. M George Thibault - Nick Cerio's Kenpo, Gasan Ryu Kenpo
  57. GM Ray Montoya - Tracy Kenpo
  58. GM Gerald Chavez - Kajukembo
  59. GM Steve Nugent - Nick Cerio's Kenpo
  60. GM Wali Islam - Komushin Ryu JuJitsu
  61. GM Jack Shamburger - Tracy Kenpo
  62. M Mike Dillard - Tracy Kenpo, Joe Lewis Fighting System
  63. M Roger Lee - Cunpao Kenpo & Kenpo Arts Alliance
  64. GM Mark Grupposo - Shaolin Kempo
  65. GM Claude Lawson - Kajukembo
  66. GM Yousef Alirezaei - Submission Wrestling/BJJ
  67. GM Bill Ambrosia - Lee Do Kan Kenpo
  68. GM Michael Park 

(Instructor bios, photos, videos and seminar outlines will be posted as their information is received!  Just click on the hyperlinks)

Want to see the schedule of workshops?  Go here!

Professor Aiau Koa and Sijo Emperado

Professor Aiau Koa and Sijo Emperado

Professor Aiau Koa
Ai Pilau Kenpo, Kenpo, Hakka, Traditions!

Professor Aiau Kauka Koa was a long time student of Abe Kamahoahoa in the Pilau style of Kenpo and Kajukenbo. He is currently a Harbor Patrol officer on the island of Maui, in Hawaii.

He is a gifted martial artist, Hakka performer, Hula dancer and musician, with a kind and compassionate heart.  He is vitally interested in the heart and soul of the martial arts and exemplifies the spirit of "Ohana" or family in his training.

Kumu Lua Michelle Manu

Kumu Lua Michelle Manu

Kumu Lua Michelle Manu
Kaiewalu Lua, Hula, SHE-Women's Self Defense

Michelle began studying martial arts at the age of 9. She is a first generation Senior Black Belt under Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu, and the only woman instructor. She has been a competitive athlete, professional Polynesian dancer, and a model. Michelle is a relentless advocate, instructor, and author of women’s self-awareness and defense. 

She was a director for America in Defense (AID) where she led and taught pilots and flight attendants air cabin crew safety (close-quarter combat) as a result of September 11, 2001.

She also instructs self-defense for a local Southern California college and community programs through her Super Hero Experience (S.H.E.) Program, which she is bringing to Dallas for the Gathering of Eagles!

Kumu Michelle will be teaching several workshops over the weekend on the martial arts techniques of the Hawaiian system of Kaihewalu Lua.  

An exciting and unique opportunity with Kumu Michelle will be the S.H.E. (Super Hero Experience) self defense workshop for ladies only (sorry guys!) on Saturday, August 12th from 1p - 3p.  If you are registered for the entire weekend, then this is included in your registration price, but you still need to RSVP.  When you go online and register, you will have an opportunity to select this option.  If you are not joining us for the whole weekend, you can purchase this workshop separately for $75.  

This will be running concurrently with a kids "Stranger Danger/Bully Self Defense" karate party for the 4, 5 & 6 year olds with Master Rollend Nery and a traditional Hawaiian Haka class with Professor Aiau Koa for the 7 - 12 year olds. (Both kids classes are included if you are enrolled in the S.H.E. workshop).  If you are not enrolled in the S.H.E. workshop, you may still bring your kids to the Karate Party and/or Haka class for $15.

Sr. Grandmaster "Papa" George Lim

Sr. Grandmaster "Papa" George Lim

Senior Grand Master- Soke - "Papa" George Lim
Hawaii Kenpo

Born in Yokohama, Japan and trained in Hawaii, Sōke George Lim has been exposed to the best. With over 40 years of martial arts experience, he represents the teachings, training and techniques of Professor Marino Tiwanak and Grand master Allen Abad.

Grand master Lim has traveled and taught nationally, as well as internationally & is able to fuse the traditional and contemporary in a way that defies your wildest expectations.  Professor Lim and his wife Aunty Patrice Lim are headquartered out of Phoenix, Arizona, where they oversee over 20 schools worldwide.

Professor Lim has been an instructor at the Gathering of Eagles since its inception in 1999.  His classes are always well received and full!

Harrilyn Keali'iheleaupuni Range Aiwohi,
Charman Keola Aiwohi Sr.,
Kumu Hula Deslynn Kaliliokalani Aiwohi Carter

'A'ole pau ka ike i ka halau ho'okahi
(not all knowledge is taught in one school)

Hula classes, demonstrations and history!

Keola's Hula Halau is under the direction of Harrilyn Keali'iheleaupuni Range Aiwohi, Charman Keola Aiwohi Sr., and their daughter, Kumu Hula Deslynn Kaliliokalani Aiwohi Carter.  Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawai'i, Keali'i and Kalili began their hula training with Na Kumu Hula Louise & Luka Kalei'iki from Ilima Hula Studio in Honolulu.  

Professor John Hackleman

Professor John Hackleman

Pit Master John Hackleman
Hawaiian Kempo

John Hackleman is a 44 year martial arts veteran who has worked and trained with some of the world’s greatest champions.

His interest in martial arts began in childhood. Raised in Hawaii, John was often the target of bullies for the simple reason of being different—in his case, not local to Hawaii. Local children picked on him and, as bullies often do, stole his lunch money. A familiar story for many adults. Knowing he could either fight back or be a victim, John threw a powerful kick, landing a winning blow to the head of his biggest tormenter.

He wasn’t bullied again.  Hackleman has since perfected his Hawaiian Kempo, training athletes through a chain of martial arts gyms across the world.

The Online Dojo

The Pit Online Dojo was created for working men and women (and their children) who want to learn the best training techniques for the practical day to day world—on their own time, often from the comfort of their own home. Some of our athletes are interested in entering the UFC Octagon, others just want to be fit. All of our athletes have the power to end bullying, in all its forms. Should the situation ever require it.

The Pit’s headquarters are in Arroyo Grande, California, with other branches scattered throughout the United States, and even one in the United Kingdom.   BECOME A MEMBER >

About Hawaiian Kempo

Hawaiian Kempo is a unique martial art, its basis founded centuries ago in a Chinese Shaolin temple. Kempo is a comprehensive and diversified means of unarmed self-defense. It is a no holds barred fighting system of offensive and defensive methods, putting equal emphasis on striking with hands and feet, immobilization and controlling the opponent, as well as projections and takedowns.

Grand Master Rick Kingi

I never thought I would still be teaching, but here I am fifty five years later, year 2017 and I'm still teaching and loving it!  First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Ricardo Jiro Kingi, better known as Rick Kingi.  I stand just under 6-feet-3 and weigh about 220 pounds, and of African-American, Japanese and Portuguese descent.  I am a 9th degree grand master in the art of Kajukenbo.  I was born on April 18, 1946 in Los Angeles, and did my growing up in Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California. 

In 1962, I started my journey in the art of Kajukenbo when I was sixteen years old, in Los Angeles, California, under the now legendary 9th degree Senior Grandmaster Carlos Bunda.  I also had the pleasure of training under the late John Leoning, who was Carlos Bunda's instructor, and also the late Si-gung Dave Kawashima.  These three men have made such a big impact on my life.  They were excellent martial artist, smooth, fast and powerful, yet they had such a gentle spirit and a humble nature.

The late John Leoning was the first Kajukenbo instructor to bring Kajukenbo to California in 1958.  John had trained under Adriano Emperado and his brother Joe Emperado.  Adriano Emperado is one of the five founders that created the style of Kajukenbo, and lived near San Diego, California.  More on GM Rick Kingi....

World Champion Jesus Chavez
Two Time World Boxing Champion

Jesús Aurelio Chávez (born Jesus Gabriel Sandoval Chavez, November 12, 1972) is a Mexican former professional boxer in the lightweight division. He is the former NABFWBC Super Featherweight and IBF Lightweight Champion. He fights with the nickname El Matador, meaning "The Killer", in honor to his first gym, Tom O`Shea's Northwestern Settlement Matadors in Chicago.  He is a gifted fighter and trainer and runs the Maple Street Boxing Club in Dallas, Texas.  He will be teaching hand techniques, training tips, mit drills, and other skilled training routines that will improve your fighting skills... Don't miss this one!