Master Linda Reid


Master Linda Reid was awarded her Hachidan (8th) rank in Chinese Kenpo Karate from Great Grandmaster Al Tracy and the Judanshakai in the Summer of 2009.  The letter that accompanied her certificate indicated that the rank advancement was well overdue.  In 2011, Ms. Reid was inducted into the Kenpo International HOF and attended the 2011 GOE in Las Vegas.  Ms. Reid has also been recognized by the USA Martial Art HOF on 3 separate occasions:  in 2010 for Founder of the Year for NAV, in 2014 for Female Kenpo Master of the Year, and in 2015 as the Samurai Spirit Award Recipient.

Ms. Reid trained for approximately 30 years under the late Grandmaster Larry Reid, who was awarded his rank by GGM Tracy.  Today Linda has continuously trained for 41 plus years and taught for 40 years in Chinese Kenpo Karate.  Ms. Reid, along with her son, Daren Reid, have continued the tradition of the Tracy Kenpo system at Reid's Martial Arts, since the passing of GM Larry Reid in 2005.  

 Ms. Reid has also bolstered her Kenpo arts by studying other martial disciplines, including Modern Arnis, Wing Chun, Yi Style Tai Chi Chuan, and Cane Fu.  Ms. Reid trained extensively with the late GGM Ed Parker (American Kenpo) and the late GGM Remy Presas (Modern Arnis). She also attended workshops taught by Larry Tatum, Bill Wallace, Wally Jay, and George Dillman. 


 Ms. Reid holds a Shodan in Modern Arnis awarded to her by the late Founder and GGM Remy Presas.  She is also certified in Kubotan self-defense by a senior student of Soke Takayuki Kubota.

 In 1998, Ms. Reid founded Never A Victim (NAV), a nonprofit 501(c)3 women's advocacy organization, commissioned to empower women and children through education and self-defense training.  She has developed a simplistic self-defense system with approximately 15 techniques. She takes everyday movements and demonstrates the self-defense application.  For example, techniques include easy to recall names, such as vacuum, stop, over there, stomp a bug, and thumbs up/down.  From these 15 techniques, she has created limitless combinations.  Her combinations and techniques are designed for the masses (i.e., female non-martial artists).  She also teaches them the 5 A's (Awareness, Alertness, Attitude, Avoidance, and Action).  To learn more, you can visit her website at and/or Facebook page at

Although Reid's Martial Arts is a small school (averaging 50 students) and not being able to reach the higher level of student attendance achieved under GM Larry Reid, Master Linda Reid has continued to run the school with her son, Daren Reid (7th degree black), using the Tracy Kenpo System.  Ms. Reid keeps busy by teaching private lessons, teaching a periodic adult class, presiding over belt testing, and being present everyday the school is open, despite closing in on 72 years young. Many people are amazed and dumbfounded when they are told how old she is, for she neither acts her age nor moves like it.  Linda still moves with cat quick Kenpo reflexes. Linda also devotes part of her day to promoting the nonprofit that she leads (NAV), attending church functions, and reading her Bible.  

 Linda has several passions in life: Kenpo, women's self-defense, working out, cooking, running a business, and loving the Lord and His people.  Linda lives out her passion for women's self-defense through NAV, having been motivated by her experiences as a young girl and teenager growing up in the Philippines.  Through NAV, Linda is able to reach out to women of all ages, from young to old.  Linda has dedicated her life's work to Kenpo and NAV, and will continue to do so until the Lord calls her home.  Ms. Reid is thankful and grateful for her late husband, GM Larry Reid, for teaching her Kenpo and how to run a school.  This gift has allowed her to support herself since his passing and help others along the way.

Master Linda Reid being inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2011.

Master Linda Reid being inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2011.