GM Gary Forbach in the 1980's from his video series on Kajukenbo

GM Gary Forbach in the 1980's
from his video series on Kajukenbo

GM Kingi, GM Forback, Sijo Emperado, Joe

GM Kingi, GM Forback, Sijo Emperado, Joe

GM Gary Forbach

Gary Forbach started his kajukenbo training at the age of 15, in 1966 under Grandmaster Aleju Reyes in Vacaville, Ca. He received his black belt from Master Reyes in 1974. Forbach has also had the honor to train under Sigung Jon Loren, Sigung Eric Lee, Sifu Anthony Chan, and Sijo Emperado. 

For several years Forbach competed on the tournament circuit in both forms and sparring. In 1980 he was the national champion in the Chinese forms division and in 1981 he won the national titles in both Chinese forms and weapons. As a result of the reputation he earned in forms competitions, he was invited along with a few others in 1981 to visit the Peoples Republic of China. While there he got the opportunity to train with the Beijing Wu-Shu Team and the All China Sports Federation. While in China he also became one of the first American's to visit the Shaolin Temple since the Communist Revolution. 

In 1984, Forbach hosted the first wu-shu tournament in the United States, the "All Chinese National Martial Arts Championships". This tournament was attended by both Sijo Emperado and members of the "Beijing Wu-Shu Team". 

Along with his tournament competition Gary has been teaching since 1976 at his Forbach Martial Arts Academy in San Clemente, Ca., and on the island of Kuaii, Hawaii. At the Forbach Martial Arts Academy Gary teaches the original method of Kajukenbo, Wu-Shu, and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. As a result of his trip to China, Gary is one of the few people in the United States to have learned the original Chen form. (Most of the Chen Tai Chi Chuan taught today is the simplified form developed in the 1980s.) 

Gary is also known as a popular seminar instructor, having given seminars in England, Germany, Spain, and several American states. After the passing of Master Reyes in 1977 Sigung Forbach started to train directly under Sijo Emperado. Since that time they have formed a close friendship, collaborating on the production of over 20 training videos.

The World Kajukenbo Organization was set up by Sijo Emperado and Grandmaster Forbach. Other than them there are no members. There is no way to become a member, and the W.K.O. does not certify or rank individuals or schools. The sole purpose of the W.K.O. is to provide Sijo with a source of income through the development and marketing of training materials, videos, and seminars.