Requirements for Instructors presenting at the Gathering of Eagles:

One of this years' goals is to continue with the legacy of the GOE being a great experience for both the instructors and the students attending.  One of the things that goes into making a learning experience memorable for a student is having "face to face" time with the instructor and their assistants.  With this in mind, we are holding instructor spots and times based on instructor/student ratios.  If you are bringing at least nine students/instructors to assist with teaching, then you will have an opportunity for a full 45 minute teaching slot.  If you are bringing less than this number then you will have the opportunity to be put on a waiting list to fill in for instructors that "no-show" for their time slot and possibly for a 25 minute slot and a smaller area if space allows.  If your flight changes or you have a family emergency let us know as soon as you know.  As a professional martial artist, we have high expectations for you and your GOE workshop.... those with the highest student/event feedback will have the opportunity to teach at the next event in 2019!

Remember that if you are bringing 9 or more people, you can register them all at once under the VIP table program and your event fee is complimentary!  They can also register one-at-a-time and list YOU as their reason for being here and if you get to the magic "9 students" we will refund your event fee.  In addition, if you are bringing 15+ students we will cover 2 nights lodging at the hotel and if you are bringing 20+ students with you, then talk with GM Chamberlain about further savings opportunities!  Dojo: 214-351-5367 or Email:  

Things we will need from you as a GOE instructor:

  1. Instructor CV/Biography for inclusion on the GOE instructor page on this website and at the GOE.
  2. Head-shot for inclusion on the GOE instructor page on this website and at the GOE.
  3. Action pictures for inclusion on the GOE instructor page on this website and at the GOE.
  4. One to two minute sizzle tape. This is a 1-2 minute highlight video that showcases your skills, this is the "WOW" factor and will be used on your bio page, your instructor page, and will be "Daisy-Chained" with the other instructor video segments to create a one hour video to be run during the event! 
  5. One page outline of your class content for student handouts (PDF (best) or Word/Text format please!)
  6. Links to your website, Facebook page, Linkedin, etc. for inclusion in the above locations.
  7. Your contact mailing address, Email and phone.  We would like you to put up an event poster and marketing materials at your dojo(s) and will send these to you at the address(s) you list above.  Take a photo of the poster on your wall with some students and we will post it on the Facebook event page!
  8. Register for the GOE event through this website and book your room at the Sheraton.
  9. Nominate other candidates to the Kenpo International Hall of Fame.
  10. If you are a published author and would like to take part in the Book Signing event and autograph and sell your book(s), please let us know, we will have space for you and table space.
  11. Please take 5 minutes after your workshop and do a "review video" at the red carpet and make yourself available for photos with the students.
  12. Come to the Friday night "Meet and Greet" in the convention space to spend time with the participants at the GOE and then join us for the VIP session back at the hotel to meet the other instructors and guests!
  13. If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsor of the Gathering of Eagles, please look at our sponsor page and contact Wes Davis.
  14. Spread the word to make the 2017 GOE the best Gathering of Eagles yet!
  15. BONUS!  You may have an opportunity to sit on an evaluation board for high dan-rank promotions (5th-10th dans).  You would be with 2-4 other high dan-rank instructors and be part of a promotion board.  You would make an honorarium ($)!  If you are interested in this opportunity, please let us know!
  16. BONUS! You have an opportunity to do a podcast and live radio interview with master Darrell Sarjent.
  17. BONUS! You have the opportunity to do a video interview with GM "Kenpo" Joe Rebelo. 
  18. Come and join us in the "Big D" for a truly great event!
  19. Please give us your feedback on the website, your contacts with us and the event itself as it unfolds to help us make this the best Gathering of Eagles event ever!