Overall Seminar Schedule

In Progress as instructors send in their Information!
Friday, 8/11/17: 8am - 12 noon and 1pm-5pm
Saturday, 8/12/17: 8am - 12 noon and 1pm-5pm
Sunday, 8/13/17: 8am-2pm

We have broken the workshops into 6 instruction "TRACKS", and we are asking the instructors to tell us where they fit within this structure so you know where and with whom to train.  Below I have given some examples under each of the tracks to give an idea of how it runs.  For instance, if you are a throwing based practitioner and just want to do the throwing and Jiu-Jitsu based workshops then all of these instructors workshops will be in the same room:

I will have a map and room assignments up as the instructors get me their travel plans!  Remember this is just a few instructors to give you an idea..... more to follow!

  1. Fighting Technique(s).
    a)  Lua with Kumu Michelle Manu
         b)  Ai Pilau Kenpo with professor Aiau Koa
         c)  Joe Lewis Fighting System with GM Roger Greene
         d)  Kenpo with GM Ted Sumner
         e)  Wun Hop Kuen Do with GM Al Dacascos
          f)  Hawaii Kenpo with GM George Lim
         g)  Kajukenbo with GM Gary Forbach
         h)  and more.....
  2. Knife, Stick, Hand (Filipino influences, etc.).
         a)  Silat knife with GM Rich Fescina
         b)  Stick and knife (Pambuan Arnis) with GM John Bain
         c)  and more.....
  3. Jiu-Jitsu/Judo/Tai-Jutsu/Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu, etc., (throwing based).
         a)  Judo with GM Jim Webb, M Parker, M Kuroda
         b)  Hico Ryu Tai-Jutsu with M Kiyoshi Takeuchi
         c)  Chow Hoon Goshin-Jutsu with GM James Muro
         d)  Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu with GM Carlos Machado
         e)  Kenpo Jiu-Jutsu with M Stuart Gavin
          f)  Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu with M Craig Kutil
         g)  Aiki Jiu-Jitsu with M Dan Nolan
         h)  and more.....
  4. Kata (empty hand and weapon - sword, staff, etc).
         a)  Kenjutsu with M John DeLuca
         b)  Kara Ho Kenpo Kata with M Armando Salas
         c)  Okinawan Kempo Kata with GM Keith Yates  
         d)  and more.....
  5. Open (whatever the instructor wants!).
         a)  and more.....
  6. MMA Skills, Components, etc., (Boxing, BJJ, Shootfighting, Wrestling, etc.)
         a)  Boxing with GM Jesus Chavez
         b)  Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu with GM Carlos Machado
         c)  Kempo MMA - "Puting the Pieces Together" with GM John Hackelman
         d)  ShootFighting with GM Bart Vale
         e)  and more.....

Breakout Seminar #1

Kumu Michelle Manu
S.H.E Super Hero Experience
Womens Empowerment & Self Defense Workshop
$75 (Included at no charge w/ full weekend event registration)

Breakout Seminar #2

GM Joe Yuhashi
Brick Breaking Workshop

Breakout Seminar #3

GM Bart Vale
Shootfighting Instructor Certification

Breakout Seminar #4

Professor Aiau Koa
Kids Haka (Hawaiian Warrior Dance)

Seminar #5